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Building Envelope Condition Assessment Surveys and Life Span Analysis

BET&R performs condition assessments for roofs, cladding, windows, and other building envelope components to provide each client with information regarding the expected remaining service life, options for repair, and/or plans for phased replacement.  BET&R provides clients with the information targeted to their specific building envelope concerns, or data and recommendations for the entire building exterior.  BET&R’s condition assessment reports, to assist in Owner’s planning and budgeting and if helpful, can be presented in a virtual format to stakeholders, allowing for an interactive exchange of information.

Leak Surveys and Forensic Investigations

BET&R specializes in resolving difficult and chronic water intrusion issues that stem from the building envelope systems.  BET&R provides among the most technically thorough and innovative moisture intrusion investigation services in the industry.  Our investigation work has included leak investigations of schools, colleges, large commercial campuses, time-share properties, condominiums, hospitals, hurricane damage and forensic investigations at luxury, multi-building, five-star resort facilities, as well as water intrusion surveys for single and multi-family residences.  We target our comprehensive services in locating, analyzing, and providing remediation solutions for moisture intrusion issues to meet the specific needs of our Clients.  Clients choose which type of reporting that best suits them—ranging from a PowerPoint reports outlining survey findings for one portion of their building envelope, to comprehensive investigation reports which may include forensic survey findings, testing data, analysis of causes, and recommendations for addressing issues, as well as line-itemized schematic cost estimates.

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Design Reviews & Building Envelope Consulting

BET&R provides building envelope design peer review services to assist them in preparing technically accurate and complete building envelope-related specifications and detail drawings for both new construction and retrofit projects.  BET&R provides design services to Clients seeking long-term performing, high-quality, roofing, cladding, window, and waterproofing retrofit and repair projects.  BET&R’s building envelope design experience is derived from hands-on, practical knowledge, academic training, and is informed by current material performance research.

Project Administration

During the building envelope construction phase of new or retrofit projects, BET&R assigns experienced project administrators to be a vital and consistent part of the project team.  They respond to submittals and requests for information, participate in project team meetings, and provide oversight of the building envelope system installation monitoring.

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Building Envelope Construction Monitoring

Onsite monitoring during installation or application of the building envelope systems is a critical tool in realizing the goal of achieving the long-term, successful performance of a project’s exterior envelope. Quality assurance monitoring provides the client with hands-on, interactive oversight, and provides the contractor or installer with a valuable technical resource for addressing conditions as they arise in the field.  BET&R’s team of experienced roofing, waterproofing, cladding, and fenestration Monitors are knowledgeable additions to any Project Team, working toward the goal of the building envelope systems being installed in compliance with the project design documents, manufacturers’ requirements, and good industry practice.  As part of the monitoring process Field Reports are prepared to document the work observed onsite and include photo documentation and Action Items of outstanding issues that need to addressed and tracked.

Testing & Research

Materials and Systems Testing
(i.e., in-lab, in-field, and protected in-situ testing)
and Analysis Services

BET&R conducts various physical property testing for pliability, cold bend, etc., as well as ASTM shower testing of roofing materials, other types of water testing, electrical resistance and electrical capacitance testing of roofing and waterproofing systems and their substrates of wood, gypsum, concrete, etc., and in-situ testing of concrete via Vaisala and calcium chloride moisture testing. Our laboratory services include microscopy work, material compatibility testing, and accelerated materials testing including simulating hot and cold cycling and aspects of weather and environmental effects.  BET&R’s in-situ analysis and diagnostic testing services include RILEM testing for water absorption, sealant pull-testing, ASTM-standard water testing d all types of windows, doors, sloped-glass roofs, and skylights.  BET&R is fully equipped and staffed with certified thermographers to provide infrared thermography services Clients. 

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Litigation Support / Dispute Resolution

For Clients involved in, or considering becoming involved in litigation regarding building envelope issues in construction defect-related cases, BET&R’s staff can provide technical support and expert witness services in support of litigation. BET&R’s litigation support efforts are based upon a thorough investigation and the analysis of cause, responsibility, remediation costs, and other factors. BET&R technical staff have served in the capacity of expert witness during mediation and trial for numerous construction defect cases, on for defense and plaintiff cases, as well as neutral expert projects with settlements reaching into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Historic Restoration

BET&R provides comprehensive, technically innovative consulting services for the restoration of historic and landmark buildings. From the initial survey to finished design, administration of the bid process through to monitoring of the building envelope restoration work, each historic restoration project’s needs are as unique as the community and history they bring with them. BET&R takes pride in working with our Clients to preserve and restore the beauty and functionality of these architecturally, historically, and culturally significant buildings, whether they have been damaged by the elements, natural disaster, or simply by the passage of time. Our technical experts are experienced in navigating the complex requirements of landmark preservation boards, striking a balance between the use of classic methods and materials and the most recent advances in the field of building envelope science.

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Technical Research & Publications

BET&R’s senior technologists have undertaken numerous technical research projects resulting in production of numerous technical manuals, technical bulletins, research papers, and technical articles. Research projects have included conducting a ten-year, full-scale research project of weathering effects on TPO roof membranes in various climates, insulation studies, and other research and testing projects in conjunction with Western States Roofing Contractors Association (WSRCA).  BET&R has also collaborated on PVC roof membrane research with the National Research Council of Canada (NRCC); and evaluating OSB vs. plywood sheathing used in the building envelope, with results published by WSRCA.  Other joint projects have been conducted with Oak Ridge National Laboratory and papers published by American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).  BET&R staff have authored and/or co-authored several roofing and waterproofing industry documents among a few are:  Principles of a Successful Below-Grade Waterproofing Project; Principles of a Successful Above-Grade Waterproofing Project; and The TPO Roof Membrane Repair and Maintenance Guidelines document, which serve the design and construction industry. 

Technical Training and Presentations

BET&R provides technical training regarding building envelope components, systems design, material installation, as well as their proper use, repair, and maintenance to help established firms, growing companies, school districts and other public facilities and maintenance personnel and plant engineers learn more about roofing, waterproofing, and other aspects of building envelope technology.  BET&R’s senior staff are often requested to be speakers at industry technical events.  BET&R staff has conducted numerous training sessions for maintenance personnel with various public entities to assist them in understanding, maintaining, and planning regarding their buildings’ exterior envelope systems.

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Code Compliance Consulting

BET&R has expertise in ICC International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC) as they pertain to roofing, cladding, fenestration, waterproofing, flashings, coatings, and sealant systems.  BET&R keeps abreast of the building envelope requirements and changes outlined in the most recent International Building Codes and various state and municipality amendments.  Select BET&R staff members also have experience working with other building codes, including energy codes, and the plumbing codes, which still applies to roof drainage in various jurisdictions. 

Additional Services


BET&R works to provide building envelope design that is suited for the continuing and increasing impacts of climate change.  We perform material testing to determine their ability to perform under harsher environmental conditions.

Constructability Review of Building Envelope Designs

BET&R has performed constructability reviews of numerous schools and other public facilities and bring invaluable knowledge and expertise to the design team.

Maintenance Planning & Life-Cycle Costing

BET&R provides life-cycling costing information for both private and public entities to help them in their decisions regarding systems to install, as related to their goals and financial parameters.  BET&R can provide the Client with maintenance planning for roofs, cladding and other building envelope systems, and as such extend the service life of the building exterior.