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Museum of Flight

BET&R provided consulting services regarding the roof on the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington. BET&R provided an on-site survey and investigation of the Main Building’s glass roof, with a focus on the integral gaskets and any sealant joints, and the Red Barn’s metal roof, specifically to determine the possible causes and extent of the reported leaks.

Upon completion of the on-site survey and investigation work, BET&R prepared a written report outlining the findings of the survey along with recommendations for repairs and retrofit.

BET&R also provided project administration and part-time monitoring of repair and retrofit. BET&R conducted pre-repair conferences with the Contractor Material Reps, and Client. BET&R prepared Field Report to document site visits, Project progress, and quality of the Contractor’s work, as well as participating in Project Progress Meetings and Quality Review of the work. BET&R conducted a pre-completion and completion survey to verify the completion of punch list
items and facilitate project closeout.

Yerba Buena Gardens

BET&R provided technical waterproofing consulting to diagnose long term water intrusion of the seismic joint area, at this signature facility which is home to numerous non-profit. BET&R performed an on-site site survey and invasive testing to confirm leak causes, further examine current conditions and deficiencies. BET&R prepared design documents and a budget cost estimate for the extensive repair project.

Once the phased repair project was underway, BET&R provided ongoing consulting to address additional deficiencies and conditions uncovered during the demolition work and performed technical monitoring of the waterproofing during the project. BET&R worked with the Project Team to minimize disruption and inconvenience to the public. Two phases of the repair project have been successfully completed, in line with budget estimates.

Washington State History Museum

BET&R performed a building envelope condition assessment, including of the brick veneer and metal panel cladding on this historic building.
BET&R prepared a detailed report of findings, conclusions and recommendations regarding prioritized repairs for the long-term performance of the building envelope. BET&R prepared a Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) cost estimate for the repair work and presented the finding to the client.