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Seattle Highrise

BET&R conducted a survey of the building exterior of the Watermark Tower. BET&R also provided ongoing technical consulting services regarding repairs on this high-rise, mixed use building, as well as prepared a maintenance manual for the Condominium Association to use for planning and budgeting for repairs of the building envelope. BET&R’s Project Team performed moisture investigations and regularly-scheduled surveys of the building envelope of the exterior curtain wall system, window and door assemblies, and other wall-related items, at this fully-occupied, high-rise condominium building. BET&R’s services included preparation of project documents, phased repair/retrofit projects, bid administration services, reviews of submittals and RFIs, and quality assurance monitoring.

The Winslow

BET&R performed pre-design survey, design consulting, bid and permit administration, inspection and technical consulting services for this mixed-use project. BET&R performed a pre-design survey of the low-slope roofs, including the balcony and terrace decks, deck doors, wall cladding, and windows to determine the condition and necessary details to be included repair documents. BET&R prepared a building envelope system Recommendation Matrix, which outlined products that were the most appropriate for the project and served as a basis of design for pricing. BET&R participated in a meeting with the Client to review BET&R’s recommendations. BET&R also prepared a ROM Cost Estimate for the products, systems, and components necessary for the low-slope roof. In addition, BET&R prepared building envelope and low-slope roof-related specification sections and prepared plan, elevation, and building envelope and low-slope roof-related section and isometric detail drawings.

BET&R assisted the Client by conducting an on-site Pre-Bid Meeting and Walk-Through with bidding contractors to review the scope of the retrofit project and discuss project-related requirements. Additionally, BET&R participated in pre-construction meetings and provided limited submittal and RFI review for the building envelope. BET&R provided project administration services including submittal and mock-up review and performed monitoring site visits of the cladding and fenestration, deck waterproofing, and roofing installation. BET&R performed pre-completion and completion surveys, including project progress meetings as well as project closeout.

























































Premiere on Pine

BET&R provided product recommendations and design review comments to the Owner, Project Architect, and Contractor. During construction, BET&R provided submittal and RFI review, monitoring, and consulting for the below-grade parking garage and above-grade waterproofing, and roofing of this 42 story skyscraper in Seattle’s downtown corridor.