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Sound Transit – East Link

BET&R provided part-time monitoring services and associate technical consulting for Sound Transit.  BET&R performed part-time monitoring of the installation of roofing, fenestration systems, metal wall panel cladding systems, and associated flashing and sealants at the auxiliary buildings and parking garage.  BET&R documented the installation of the building envelope components, and assisted in resolving issues regarding the roofing and glazing installation and watertight performance components.  BET&R also provided building envelope-related submittal and RFI review and response, substitution requests review, as well as shop drawing review.  BET&R participated in quality control meetings to review the building envelope aspects of the project.

State of Washington Labor & Industries Headquarters

BET&R has worked both as a Prime and a sub-consultant on various roof replacement, exterior survey and repair projects on this headquarters building over the past ten years.  Most recently BET&R prepared construction documents and provided construction administration services on a glazing repair and gutter retrofit project to address chronic water intrusion issues.  BET&R has successfully worked with the State through a transition in project managers and a difficult bidding climate.

University of Washington
Husky Stadium

BET&R was engaged to provide product recommendations and peer design review for the roofing and waterproofing aspects of this new, state of the art stadium facility.  Specifically, BET&R’s technologists assisted the University of Washington’s Husky Stadium by providing technical consulting and recommendations (i.e., pros and cons) of standing seam sheet metal structural/architectural panel roof system compared to a PVC membrane roof system.  BET&R provided technical consulting and assisted the design build team in addressing detailing challenges.  During the construction phase, BET&R provided submittal and RFI responses, and inspection of waterproofing and roofing installation.  BET&R prepared field reports and action item matrix for the project over an 18 month period.