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Department of Information Services Data Center & Office Building

Olympia, Washington

BET&R was requested to perform a review of the Prime Architect’s architectural drawings and specifications for the below- and above-grade waterproofing systems for this new construction project. BET&R participated in design meetings with the Architect to provide roofing, waterproofing, and flashing recommendations, participated in Pre-Construction Conferences, reviewed submittals, and provided full-time monitoring during roofing, and part-time monitoring during the installation of the waterproofing systems.

Kraft-Heinz Facility

BET&R performed a forensic investigation of the splitting and wrinkling of the base and 1-ply cap sheet roof membrane of the roof system on a large Kraft-Heinz facility. BET&R surveyed the roofs utilizing infrared thermography, test openings, and moisture meters to evaluate the existing moisture entrapment issues. BET&R prepared a Report of Findings with expert opinions related to the causation affecting the roof conditions and assisted in settlement negotiations with the roofing contractor and roofing manufacturer.






















BECU Headquarters

Building Envelope Technology and Research (BET&R)’s developed a project manual with bid documents, including technical specification sections, detail drawings and instructions to bidders, bid form(s) for reroofing and deck waterproofing. After assisting the Client with obtaining competitive bids and selecting a quality-oriented contractor, BET&R provided part-time technical monitoring of the project to assist the Client with quality assurance items, and to help address unforeseen conditions. In another phase, BET&R conducted an in-situ inspection and invasive testing to evaluate the proposed window and cladding repairs and providing recommendations for making them watertight.