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Bacara Resort & Spa

Santa Barbara, California

BET&R performed extensive investigation, testing, design on this large ocean-front multi-building facility. BET&R assisted the Project Architect in preparing specifications and drawings for a comprehensive building envelope retrofit for 17 buildings. The design addressed the known deficiencies and the resultant water damage, and provided upgraded building exterior components and waterproofing systems for maximum wind- and weather-tightness. BET&R provided comprehensive construction administration and monitoring services throughout the five year project.

Hawaiian Destination Resort

Kauai, Hawaii

BET&R provided extensive building envelope consulting services for multiple years. Beginning with a forensic investigation and expert services. In the next phase, BET&R also prepared a comprehensive Project Manual, including technical specifications and all drawings including many isometric detail drawings, to address the unique conditions of rebuilding this 10 building complex in the hurricane-prone, warm-marine, salt-laden environment. The documents included a comprehensive bid form to facilitate accurate, competitive bidding with owner optional alternates. BET&R has provided construction administration services as well as on-site construction monitoring throughout the five-year construction project.

Florida Hilton Resorts Cocoa Beach

BET&R performed a survey of exterior wall cladding system at this premier beachside resort located in this exposed tropical coastal area. BET&R’s investigation included a survey of numerous interior leak locations, water testing of the curtain wall system, and wind-design calculations to determine the extent of retrofit and repairs.