Juan Aguirre

Senior Building Envelope Consultant/Technical Manager

Senior Building Envelope Consultant Juan Aguirre brings together over 20 years of commercial and residential architectural design and construction knowledge with more than a decade of commercial waterproofing and roofing experience. His background in architectural philosophy, design methods and theory combined with his hands-on work as chief estimator, technical coordinator, and division manager of a successful commercial roofing and waterproofing company give him a practical yet deeply knowledgeable approach to building envelope design and moisture intrusion analysis and remediation.

Mr. Aguirre is an integral part of BET&Rís design and design review teams, bringing his comprehensive knowledge of roofing, waterproofing, cladding, and fenestration systems to our clients through detailed and thorough design and design review work. In conjunction with design work, Juan has also provided project administration and technical coordination services to our clients during many large, complex retrofit and new construction projects.

In addition to design and project administration work, Mr. Aguirre is involved in forensic investigations of building envelope system failures, specializing in below- and above-grade waterproofing. Mr. Aguirre also supervises BET&Rís waterproofing and roofing monitors, and facilitates and coordinates technical research and materials analysis projects involving waterproofing material durability and serviceability.

Email: jaguirre@bet-r.com