Building Envelope Surveys, Condition Evaluations, Failure Analysis

Building Envelope Surveys

Building envelope surveys provide a sound basis for our Clients to understand the existing conditions and useful service life of their projectís envelope components, and to make informed, cost-effective decisions for the future of their facilities. BET&R provides surveys for roofing, waterproofing, cladding, and fenestration individually, in combination, or for the building envelope as a whole. Evaluation services range from simple verbal reports outlining survey findings and recommendations to comprehensive written evaluations, complete with laboratory testing data, analysis and recommendations for problem areas, illustrative photo documentation, detail drawings, and schematic cost estimates. Whatever the project need, BET&Rís envelope survey, condition evaluation, and problem analysis services can provide a clear understanding of the options available.

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Moisture Intrusion Investigation

Moisture intrusion issues can be a frustrating and challenging problem for even the most experienced of building Owners, facility managers, and property managers. BET&R provides among the most technically thorough and innovative moisture intrusion investigation services in the industry. Our investigation work has ranged from leak investigations of single residences to hurricane and wind damage investigations at luxury, multi-building five-star resort facilities. No matter the scale of the project or the complexity of the issue, BET&R endeavors to provide the most comprehensive service available in locating, analyzing, and providing remediation solutions for moisture intrusion issues.

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Suspended Surveys

Suspended Surveys make it possible to survey and evaluate the conditions of a building's exterior cladding and windows that are inaccessible by ladder, man-lift, or scaffolding. BET&R has several Building Envelope Technologists that are certified by the International Masonry Institute to conduct suspended surveys and have experience diagnosing issues on a variety of building types. BET&R has invested in the equipment and training which allows us to conduct condition evaluation and water intrusion surveys on some of the most deficient building exteriors.

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Failure Analysis

When a building envelope system is presenting major problems or evidencing catastrophic or severe failure, whether due to construction, design, or material defects, natural disaster, or other causes, a forensic investigation of building envelope components may be necessary to thoroughly diagnose and properly design remediation for building envelope problems. BET&Rís failure analysis services include moisture intrusion investigations, water testing, laboratory microscopy work, destructive and non-destructive testing and sampling, photographic documentation, and comprehensive presentations of findings. Failure analysis is often a preliminary step in litigation support and dispute resolution projects, as well as in projects involving disaster relief and federal government or insurance coverage negotiations. Failure analysis also often proceeds comprehensive repair and retrofit design work. Whatever the Clientís next step may be, failure analysis provides a sound, detailed understanding of the issues from which to work.

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Due Diligence Surveys

BET&Rís due diligence surveys provide a streamlined survey of building exterior components to assist prospective purchasers in both assessing the current condition and needs of the building, and projecting long-term life-cycle needs of the exterior envelope, including repair, replacement, and maintenance, and their associated costs. Due diligence surveys are of value to Clients in planning and projecting for both immediate and future building needs. BET&R also provides schematic cost estimates for prioritized work items, which can be a valuable tool to Clients in considering and negotiating real estate investments.

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Flooding and Damage Mitigation Consulting, Planning, Design, and Monitoring

The increasing institutional, commercial, and residential development in flood plains throughout the Pacific Northwest Region and across the country has created a growing need to protect buildings from flooding and damage. For many active businesses, progressive corporations, and individuals, relocating business activities during times of imminent flooding, clean-up, and reconstruction is simply not an option. As such, Building Envelope Technology & Research utilizes our waterproofing and construction technology expertise to design and help Clients implement mitigation measures to minimize the damage caused by flood water intrusion and debris impact on the outer walls of a building. BET&R provides design, consulting, construction administration, and construction monitoring of temporary and permanent barriers and waterproofing measures to help keep flood waters out of the building and minimize damage from debris impact.

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