Building Envelope Design, Peer Design Review, Technical Consulting, and Application Monitoring

Repair and Retrofit Design

Each potential repair or retrofit design project offers a unique set of challenges and considerations. BET&R's design team provides a comprehensive range of retrofit design services, from preparation of simple scopes of repair to complete retrofit and repair project manuals, including technical specifications and detail drawings. BET&R's repair and retrofit design projects benefit from the same thoroughness and detail-oriented approach we bring to our new construction projects. Among BET&R's available retrofit design services are preparation of project design documents, RCW 64.55 compliance services, preparation of comprehensive maintenance manuals, and assistance in prioritizing each project's unique scope of work.

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New Construction Design

BET&R provides expert design services to Clients seeking assistance in assembling conservative, high-quality, long-term performing exterior envelope systems for new construction projects. BET&R's technical experts bring real-world experience, industry standard-setting technical ability, advanced graphics production capabilities, and specialized knowledge of building envelope systems and their applications to each design project we undertake. Our in-house design team features licensed architects, highest-quality CAD isometric graphics, sustainable building specialists, and experts in building envelope technologies. From preliminary system selection to design and application monitoring of even the most complex systems, BET&R's willingness to work hand-in-hand with the architect, Client, and Project Team helps bring the best of our combined skills to every project.

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Design Consulting Services

BET&R provides peer-review design services to owners, developers, and other design professionals to assist them in preparing technically sound and complete building envelope-related technical specifications and detail drawings. BET&R's roofing, waterproofing, cladding, and fenestration design experience is derived from hands-on, real world knowledge, as well as the latest industry and materials research and development. BET&R's peer-review services often provide benefits not only to the success of the project, but to other parties involved, assisting designers, owners, contractors, and project managers in more thoroughly understanding and addressing the long-term building envelope needs of their unique projects.

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Construction Administration and Application Monitoring

As a follow-up to our design services, BET&R provides contract administration and construction administration to guide Project Teams through jobs beginning with pre-construction conferences to close-out meetings. Application monitoring of building envelope systems is a critical tool in the design completion and adding quality control to the construction process. Quality monitoring helps to ensure the long-term, successful performance of a project's exterior envelope. Application monitoring provides the Client with hands-on, interactive oversight as their design becomes reality, and provides the contractor or installer with a valuable technical resource for addressing conditions as they arise in the field. BET&R's team of roofing, waterproofing, cladding, and fenestration Monitors are experienced, knowledgeable additions to any Project Team, working with each party to help see that the project is carried out in compliance with the design documents, manufacturers' requirements, and good industry practice. Application monitoring can also provide RCW 64.55 (“Condo Act”) compliance as required by Washington State Law for many multifamily residential new and rehabilitative construction projects.

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Historic Restoration

BET&R provides comprehensive, technically innovative consulting services for the restoration of historic and landmark buildings. From the initial survey to finished design, administration of the bid process through to monitoring of the restoration work, each historic restoration project's needs are as unique as the community and history they bring with them. BET&R takes pride in working with our Clients to preserve and restore the beauty and functionality of these architecturally, historically, and culturally significant buildings, whether they have been damaged by the elements, natural disaster, or simply by the passage of time. Our technical experts are experienced in navigating the complex requirements of landmark preservation boards, striking a balance between the use of classic methods and materials and the most recent advances in the field of envelope science.

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RCW 64.55 (Washington State "Condo Act") Compliance

With the passage of Washington State's "Condo Act" Law (RCW Chapter 64.55), the prevention of water intrusion through proper design, product selection, detailing, and quality installation is more important than ever for multi-family residential new and rehabilitative construction projects. The design and application monitoring services provided by Building Envelope Technology & Research can provide our Clients with the tools that they need to conform to RCW 64.55, from the design stage through to the Certificate of Occupancy.

For more information on RCW Chapter 64.55, click here.

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When making product and material recommendations, BET&R utilizes the latest research and information regarding building envelope systems available in order to maximize energy efficiency for heat gain, heat loss, infiltration, and occupant comfort, while also utilizing our experience with proper building envelope design and installation. BET&R also has the capability and equipment to conduct energy audits on existing buildings. BET&R is committed to facilitating sustainable building practices. Our professional staff includes LEED®-Accredited Professionals along with Green Roof Design and Construction Certification. BET&R is committed to designing practical and functional building envelope systems that can assist with increasing energy efficiency, without compromising our commitment to durability, weather-tightness, and quality. BET&R is a Seattle 2030 District Professional Stakeholder, which is part of Architecture 2030 challenge to reduce the nationwide carbon footprint by 50%. As such, we are providing building envelope consulting services, pro bono, on a pilot project in downtown Seattle.

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