West Queen Anne Condominiums

Client: West Queen Anne Condominium Association (WQACA)

Location: Seattle, Washington

Type:Building Envelope Retrofit

Services:Building Envelope Condition Evaluation Survey, Retrofit Design Documents, Bid and Project Administration, Monitoring of Retrofit Work.

Built in 1896, the historic West Queen Anne Elementary Schoolís conversion into condominiums in 1984 has been cited as a prime example of responsible development, preserving cultural and architectural heritage while modernizing and making efficient use of older structures. This beautiful building has been declared a historical treasure and awarded Landmark status by the City of Seattle and the National Park Servicesí National Register of Historic Places. BET&Rís project involvement began when the WQACA Board engaged us to assist in restoring the turn-of-the-century building to its original historic architectural aesthetics. The multi-phase project commenced with a comprehensive evaluation survey to assess the condition of the masonry and the miles of mortar joints comprising the building, as well as to examine the multi-wythe structural brick footing which extends up to 8-feet below-grade and is without concrete foundation walls in some places.

This survey work provided the basis for BET&R to design the complex below-grade waterproofing and above-grade masonry restoration project, and to assist the Client in retaining an experienced and quality-oriented contractor to carry out the work. BET&Rís Monitors were present on site to observe the project from work at the base of the footings to the eave levels of the roof, to address technical issues as they arose, to verify that the work conformed to the design documents and good industry practice, and to act as a liaison for the Home Owners. BET&R also provided Project Administration services, taking into account the unique requirements and conditions of this project, such as the extensive landscaping considerations, comfort of the residents during the lengthy and substantial retrofit project, and negotiations with historical and landmark regulatory agencies to obtain approval of project work.