Watermark Tower

Client: CDC Property Management

Location: Seattle, Washington

Type: Building Envelope Maintenance and Repairs

Services: Building Envelope Surveys, Scope of Repair, Energy Efficiency Evaluation, Repair Monitoring

The Watermark Tower is a 25-level high-rise, mixed-use condominium built in the early 1980s. This building combines historic and modern architecture and is clad with a unique ceramic tile curtain wall system. Incorporated into the lower levels of Watermark Tower is the terra cotta fašade of the Coleman Building, built on the site in 1915. Residential condominiums fill the upper floors of Watermark Tower while the lower five floors house retail and commercial office spaces. BET&R's involvement at Watermark Tower began in 2002 and continues to date. BET&R has provided building envelope technical consulting on a variety of maintenance and repair projects for tile-clad curtain walls, stucco-clad walls, terra cotta fašade, roof areas, decks, doors, and windows.