University of Washington

Client: Mithun Architects

Location: Seattle, Washington

Type: Cladding and Roofing Condition Evaluation Survey

Services: Cladding and Roof Survey, Prepared Evaluation Report

The University of Washington is situated on an impressive campus, adjacent to Lake Washington in Seattle. The campus accommodates approximately 42,000 students and 4100 full-time faculty members during the academic year. When it came time for the University to update their Audit Summary Matrix for funding purposes, BET&R was engaged to survey the existing conditions of the cladding and roofing systems at several buildings, for inclusion in the audit. We surveyed the cladding and roofing systems at ten campus buildings, including McCarty, Hansee, and Haggett Residence Halls. BET&R prepared a written report for each building surveyed, which outlined deficiencies and included recommendations and pricing for prioritized and phased repairs.