Featured Project for Moisture Intrusion Investigations:

Project Name:T. A. Wilson Great Gallery

Client: Museum of Flight

Location: Tukwila, Washington

Type:Glass Roof Survey

Services:Water Intrusion Investigation, Repair Recommendations, Board Presentation, Budget Cost Estimating

The Museum of Flight's TA Wilson Great Gallery is an architecturally significant 3-sided, 3-story glass curtain wall facility housing the majority of the Museum of Flight's multi-billion dollar aircraft and artifacts collection. BET&R was engaged to conduct a moisture intrusion investigation at the facility relating to approximately 50 reported leaks occurring within the 50,000 square foot triple-glazed, sloped glass roof system. Investigation of the triple-glazed insulated panel combination butt-glazed and mullion-joined system during rainy fall and winter weather presented a complex thermal dynamic challenge as BET&R located the sources of leakage, prescribed appropriate temporary repair measures to protect the valuable and historic collection below, and worked with the Museum of Flight to provide recommendations for a cost-effective full roof retrofit, utilizing the majority of existing vision panels, aluminum mullions, and structural steel components.