Fremont Lake Union Center

Client: CB Richcard Ellis

Location: Seattle, Washington

Type: Roof Condition Survey, Reroofing

Services: Roof Survey, IR Thermography, Design Consulting, Construction Administration, Application Monitoring

BET&R conducted a roof survey, including infrared thermography, and technical consulting regarding two large office buildings occupied by a prominent software company with strict access regulations at the Fremont Lake Union Center. BET&R technologists performed test cuts and prepared a written report detailing existing conditions, deficiencies discovered, and recommendations regarding reported leakage at these buildings. BET&R performed an additional pre-design survey of the roofs, created design or design concepts for the reroofing, including green roof design options. BET&R prepared a project manual, including specifications and detail drawings, and assisted with the bid process, including the preparation of a bid comparison matrix to assist the Client with selection of a roofing contractor. BET&R provided Project administration and part-time monitoring for the duration of the reroofing project.