Everett Comunnity College - New Fitness Center

Client: State of Washington Department of General Administration

Location: Everett, Washington

Type:New Construction, Roofing, Waterproofing, Fenestration, and Cladding

Services: Peer-Design Review, Application Monitoring

BET&R served as the Client's building envelope consultant, providing technical review of the Project Architect's building envelope related drawings and specifications. BET&R met with the Project Team, as requested by the State of Washington's Project Manager, and provided technical recommendations regarding building envelope systems and specific product selection. BET&R provided the Client with quality-assurance monitoring to help verify that the waterproofing, roofing, cladding, fenestration, and associated flashing work was being installed per Project Documents, good industry practices, and manufacturer requirements, as well as to assist the Project Team with any technical issues that arose during construction. BET&R also assisted the Project Architect by reviewing building envelope-related submittals, responding to RFIs, and providing consultation regarding manufacturer-specific installation requirements throughout all phases of the building envelope portions of construction. Everett Community College Fitness Center is an energy efficient building.