Airport Way Center

Client: City of Seattle

Location: Seattle, Washington

Type: Building Envelope Moisture Intrusion Investigation

Services: Envelope Survey, Retrofit Construction Design, Application Monitoring

BET&R was engaged by the City of Seattle to conduct a potential condensation and water intrusion survey of the EIFS-clad walls and aluminum box-framed window system at the Airport Way Center building. While the building remained occupied with critical laboratories, etc., BET&R investigated the exterior window systems and cladding of the building. We used the information gathered from our comprehensive investigation to locate the moisture entry points, and to survey the extent of damage in walls resulting from the otherwise concealed water intrusion. BET&R developed a plan for phasing the necessary repairs, and prepared a budget for the cladding and window retrofit. BET&R also designed emergency repairs, which were implemented for the existing windows. This work was completed without disruption to the operation of the laboratories.